Most sword keepers never see an adult sword plant bloom and produce seeds. Amazon sword deficiency? That said, without proper care, you may find your Amazon Sword developing certain problems. Unfortunately, Amazon Sword Plant is prone to algae growth. Few days later disaster struck. Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus genus) is a versatile and hardy plant used in decorating the background of planted tanks. Algae can quickly turn your aquarium into a real mess. See Amazon Sword Melt. However, the new leaves are wrinkled and cupped. There's some yellowing of leaves, and a large dead patch that's started from the outside of the leaf. Only older leaves are showing symptoms. Seeds produce the hybrids and the largest “litters.” Root division works best in your aquarium. Amazon Sword Plant is suitable for beginners in the hobby. Blackstar7 New Member. My substrate is pool filter sand. The Amazon Sword plant is a member of the family, Alismataceae, or water plantains. Is there anything else I should do? Amazon’s violations stemmed from deficiencies from its sanctions screening processes. My Amazon Swords are showing signs of deficiency, but I don't know what. It is very popular among hobbyists because of its long lifespan, hardiness, and ability to withstand a wide range of water temperature conditions/parameters. Root division keeps the strain pure. It will get even worse if you don’t follow the lighting regime. This is usually seen with Cryptocoryne plants. Some of the (older) leaves are becoming transparent, starting at the tips. My Amazon swords have a problem, as you can see from the pictures there is a gradual deterioration of the leaves, the problem coincides with adding Otocinclus to the tank a few months ago. The areas in between veins get thinner and eventually rot away leaving the edges mostly intact. Hi guys, my Amazon sword has put out 3-4 new leaves, 2 weeks into planting it in my tank. I know they aren't to eveyones taste but Red Ramshorn snails are an efficient control machanism for BBA sporeling etc although they don't eat the adult plant. I read about it and found out that it is BBA (I guess). 4-5 months ago I bought 6 small amazon sword plants. The Amazon Sword Plant will help you keep the water clean and get rid of the unwanted compounds. I have already put 2-3 root tabs near the base of each mother plant. The natural habitat for the Amazon Sword is very diverse, exposing it to varying weather and temperature conditions. All my leaves were black, the gravel at the bottom was all black. I find this quite odd, since the ozelot, melon, and 2 other sword plants (I don't know the species) don't have these issues at all. My research indicates that this is symptomatic of iron deficiency. After a couple of weeks it developed the pinholes seen in the picture. Finally it is plec damage to your Amazon Swords, and the BBA on the Anubias leves will continue to grow until you lower the light levels. Hi, Bad news: The leaves on my new large amazon swords are yellowing. As a result, Amazon provided goods and services: (1) to persons sanctioned by OFAC located in Crimea, Iran and Syria; (2) to individuals located in or employed by the foreign missions of the countries sanctioned by OFAC. Joined: Aug 13, 2017 Messages: 5 Likes Received: 0 Local Time: 3:30 AM. (I think they are the baby variety, if there is anything like that). Taking it one step further, this type of plant can be grouped into the genus Echinodorous. This makes the Amazon Sword an enduring and hardy plant. Reproduction: Amazon swords usually reproduce by root division and by seed. It looks somewhat like nitrogen deficiency, but nitrates are kept above 5ppm, so that doesn't seem to make sense. I think I read somewhere that this is likely K deficiency? What happens is that the Otocinclus seem to be rasping on the leaf considerably then it … By leaving light switched on for longer, you facilitate algal growth. See Crypto Melt. I'm having issues with the amazon sword. This is usually seen with Echinodorus Swords. Amazon Sword Nutrient Deficiencies & Disease. Discussion in 'Aquatic Plant Species' started by Blackstar7, Aug 26, 2017. Edges of leaves rot [edit | edit source] The edges of the leaf are rotting away, Looks similar to animal damage. There are plenty of varieties and species of Amazon Sword plants, or Burheads, but they all share vibrant, green