Your email address will not be published. Cultural Place- Pushkar. 12-Video Games: If board games aren’t your thing, maybe have a video game marathon. 0 Malls. The experience might be a little unusual and unorthodox than the usual friends’ hangouts but can be just as meaningful, if not more. It can be a great way to cheer up your friend. Have a spa day! Grab some popcorn and drinks, or just order a pizza. Nature is one of the top places to hang out with friends. Other than having a great time hanging out with your friends, you can support your local artists and develop real-time knowledge and appreciation of the modern and current performing arts. We feel you. The place itself is a little run down, but it offers fairly decent games, given the price. Some of the well-renowned places in Delhi to hang out with friends are Hauz Khas Social, Kitty Su, Cha Bar, and Privee where you witness a combination of elegant dining and lively vibes. Beaches mean sun, sand, and surfing. Adventure in the culinary world can be a very enjoyable experience, especially with friends. Community service and volunteering for a good cause does not only contribute to society but also does your soul a whole lot of good. You can even have movie nights and just cozy up in a blanket with popcorns or pizza. 2. Unleash your inner creative beasts. If there is a bowling alley near your house where your complete gang could drop in or where you could meet a friend then this is the best place to chill out. But I'll name few open places you must visit. If there is a beautiful park nearby then search no more. Gather your friends, get or buy some arts and crafts supplies, some glue and scissors and some raw material and have a go at it. ... Go to the cinema One of the best things you can do for fun with friends is going to a cinema for a movie. As they are supposed to help you relax and unwind, it’s a great getaway to reboot your systems and with your friends’ love and support. Hauz Khas Social, Rajouri Garden, Defence Colony, Select City Walk, Saket and many more. Hauz Khas Social, Rajouri Garden, Defence Colony, Select City Walk, Saket and many more. This is the best place to experience fashion and lifestyle with global stores. If you live near a beach, instead of staying indoors, spend some quality time with your friends under the sun on the beach. No financial burden and an easy way to hang out together in a comfortable environment and have a video game night, or day. It can be a small Chinese restaurant or it can be the nearby KFC or Dominos. LIFE HACKS, apollo walker Insulin Cooler Travel Case Medication Cooler Diabetic Organizer for Insulin Pens, Glucose Meter,Diabetic…, Bank will lend you money if you dont need - Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee, Womens travel bags, weekender carry on for women, sports Gym Bag, workout duffel bag, overnight shoulder Bag fit 15.6…, Oh Well! There’s a famous quote by someone anonymous, ‘We didn’t know we were making memories, we just thought we were having fun.’. Go-karting is an adrenaline pumping activity best for those who are racing enthusiasts. Here’s a list of the best places to hang out with friends: Whoever brought the concept of malls should be revered. Osman Sagar Lake, popularly known as Gandipet lake, is one of the most beautiful places in Hyderabad to hang out with friends and family. So go visit a local museum with your friends and explore what your own local area has to offer in the department of history. If the weather is good and the air is fresh, You should get together with your friends and plan a day out. Malls aren’t just there for shopping; rather they can fulfill a much larger purpose for you. Bowling isn’t expensive and is much fun. Find a community service where you can contribute with your friends. You can carry a little snack pack for a picnic or if there is a store around then buy something from there. They are supposed to improve your circulation, they also help with the acne and brighten your skin. There are a number of activities that you can indulge in, there are parks with a great many rides. Take a peek around, try different coffee houses and select one. You can grab souvenirs and make it a memorable day. Your friends would mostly be from the campus itself and thus it can be a permanent spot for you during your college days. Invite friends over for a homemade meal or even better, get groceries together and cook a meal together. Take a football or volleyball with you. We have handpicked some of the best places to hangout in Delhi with friends. On-site is also one of the best spas you'll find in town, Talise Spa. There’s always food in the canteen and friends around, nothing can be better. Just set up a few boards for Chess, monopoly, scrabble, and whatever else you want. The great outdoors is one of the most fun places to hang with friends. Most of the time they are unaware of the historical gems that might be hidden in their own backyards. You can go window shopping or play games or sit in the food court or do nothing but chat. Play board games. If you want then you can even go surfing or ride a jet ski. Apart from this, you can even head to the Ssky Bar & Lounge and enjoy the shimmery skyline of Delhi with a rooftop bar and dine-in. It’s near ORR, exit no. Most of the places offering the go-karting facility also offer other recreational activities such as bowling or paintball. It will be much more comfortable and relaxing and if you feel hungry you can just open the refrigerator. According to Gallup, in 2014, Americans’ personal spending averaged $94 per day. The cops go here, so the coffee must be good! If you are of age then this can be a perfect place for you when you return after a tiring day at work. Finding the place to sit with your friends and talk about the days of our lives can be a difficult task if there’s no place to hangout at. 1 million in the Sinapis business plan competition. It can be educational and fun. Home » Entertainment » Top 10 Places To Hangout With Friends. You can also recycle your old stuff or upcycle unused items, anything that catches your fancy. A password will be sent to your email address. Have a friend’s reunion in a karaoke bar and sing your woes away. It is one of my favourite places to hang out in Dubai. water rides, roller coasters, big ferris wheel, interstellar rides entertain everyone. ... 19 places in Nairobi where you can hang out for under Ksh. We’re not talking about paying bills – that figure refers to pocket-money that was spent eating, drinking, buying clothes, and indulging in hobbies. Disney's Pop Century FULL Resort & Room Tour!!! As per the usual trends, people do not visit their local historical sites and museums, they are far more insistent on visiting faraway places. You can meet up your friends there, sit on the beach bars or just relax on the sand or get into the water. If one of your friends is feeling somewhat low or depressed, You can treat them with a spa day. Instead of heading to a loud, thumping bar or party to de-stress from a hard week, head to a silent disco. If you live near a beach then look no further. It is the latest emerging tourist place due to cultural significance. Here you can hang out by the fountain, picnic spots, the duck park, the rabbit and deer fields, and check out the old, Mughal-era monuments. Constructed in 1920, the lake is named after Mir Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad. You can almost, choose any spot that is vacant and have fun. Situated in one of the most posh areas of the Hauz Khas village this park is a great hangout place for a large group of friends as you have peace, quiet and a good chance to just enjoy each other’s company. If you do not have time for a full-blown dinner or lunch at a restaurant or you do not have the budget for a fancy hotel, you can hang out with your friends at a cafe or coffee shop, catch up and have fun. Whatever you prefer. And these can also be considered suitable places to hangout in Delhi for couples. Oftentimes, you’re also able to switch between DJs, which makes the experience more customizable. You could compete against each other and laugh over every blooper. Though cafes are passé, book cafes make for one of the most unique and fun places to visit with friends to chill. 20. More often than not every group of friends has their own favorite genre and then some favorite movies. Go-karting is the most breathtaking activities available at many places in Bangalore, which can be enjoyed with friends. Reviews on Places to Hang Out in Vancouver, BC - The Hang Out Place, Revolver, Glitch Retro Arcade Bar, 49th Parallel Coffee, Soho Bar & Billiards, The Shameful Tiki Room, Far Out Coffee Post, New Amsterdam Café, Timbertrain Coffee Roasters, Starbucks 2019 Best Places To Hang Out With Friends In The Day Sometimes you only have the day time to spend with your friends and your nights are busy or otherwise occupied. Best place to hangout with friends They have live music every now and then. LIFE HACKS. You can enjoy your conversation while I suggest you the places where you and your buddies can chill out. A nearby restaurant or eatery is a perfect spot to have a snack and chat with your friends. Spa treatments with friends can be an effective way of bonding with your friends. 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However, you can find a mid-way without compromising time with your friends. Insider tips: Cocktail lovers must try the Tiki Puca Puca at Trader Vic's. Jeannette’s 4-star review: Great place to hang out, chat with friends and people watch! Shop travel shirts at our store or find us on redbubble. top 10 best places to hang out with friends after school Whether you have a full day, half day, or no school at all, it’s always fun to plan on hanging out with your friends. There are commercial offices, cafe to hang out with friends, restaurants, retail stores, spa, health clubs, serviced apartments, food courts, gardens, art … If you are into sports there are a number of sports other than surfing on the beach. There, you’ll be able to hang out with friends and dance. Everyone can bring snacks and you can hang out with your friends at home playing board games. Following is a list of places to hang out with friends or ways you can enjoy spending some quality time with your friends. After a busy week or a stressful day, sometimes the most effective way to relax is by spending quality time with your best friend. Bowling has evolved into the best indoor sport ever. The amiable job of every person is to eat, drink, sleep and repeat.The three things that one want is Share the awe of the years passed with your friends. It’s best if you go with a group of friends so that you share the cost of ammunition. Make a team of your own, practice hard and at the same time have a united goal with your friends which will strengthen your relationship with your friends. We all have friends, with whom we like to hang out with. The boulevard is about 3 km long, with the GirgaumChowpatty beach at the north end and is one of the ideal hangout places in Mumbai for friends. A good place to hang out with friends, you can invite all your friends to hang out together in a bar of your choice. In these times, it is hard enough to find time for your friends and family, so the community service and volunteer work is pushed far out of the way. Clean the mess and paint the walls with vibrant colors. When we leave the house, we often spend more than we realize, which is why it’s smart to start planning and setting guidelines that give you better control of your spending. You do not need a special training to enjoy here. Trying new foods with friends is a fun-packed experience. This place is capable of the thirst of every type of holidaymaker. Get the decks for card games and you have a fun night ahead for yourself and your friends at home with literally no financial problem. With more than 20 slides and a capacity of approx 3000 people, it is a great place to hang out in terms of space and scope. Do not forget to have your friend make that promiscuous photograph with the museum’s statue. You and your friends could join a club. Some beaches have regular beach festivals with lots of music, dance and drinks which are just another added benefit. Every cafe has its own personality, and maybe you can make a whole load of memories. Another awesome way for you to spend time with your friends is to get tickets for a local concert or go see a theater performance. And it provides the … The day can be a success even if you get nothing very high quality at the end of it, for the purpose of the whole exercise is to have fun with your friends and the simplest and even crooked crafts will contain a host of memories for you and your friends. The same principles apply. Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy nature to the fullest. Required fields are marked *. Offer to do the yard work for the local senior center or hang out with the kids at the YMCA. Going to a spa alone can seem somewhat daunting, but that’s what friends are for. You will also learn a host of new stuff. Today, Sports bar have come into existence where one can watch their favorite sport live on the TV or play pool and have their favorite drinks at a reasonable rate during happy hours. Parks are one of the best places to hang out with friends and to have a fresh breath of air, release your stress and worries and enjoy life. You can never go wrong with the food, it’s one thing everyone likes. Just choose a sport in which everyone can participate and give it a go. Biryani Knight is one of the loveliest locations in Bangalore for all the Biryani lovers. Staying physically fit and healthy is one of the most important things. 10. If you live in a hilly area with tracks for hiking you can plan a hiking trip with friends. Even walking through the streets of Thamel in the colorful lights is enough to make your day and give you good feelings. River Crafting with friends at Rishikesh is an adventure and real fun. And joining a sports club with your friends is all the more fun for everyone. A movie marathon with your friends is a great idea. This could be a pretty expensive hangout spot as enrolling in a club needs money. One of the most common but fun ideas is to go to a coffee shop and munch on your most loved delicacies. The Castro: Nice place to hang-out with friends - See 961 traveler reviews, 851 candid photos, and great deals for San Francisco, CA, at Tripadvisor. Now that you know about all the places to hang out with friends, have fun exploring! As time passes you’ll be glad you gave it a chance. Lena Anyuolo September 5, 2017. If the trail ends at a scenic spot, that’s even better. You haven’t seen your friends in a while, and you’re looking for an economic, financially less burdening way to spend time together and have fun. It is nothing short of amazing with various tourist attractions and natural sites. So here we go with our suggestions . Else, you can just relax in the lounge with your friends. Here are a few places which shine their best during the daylight hours and if you spend your days there then, you are in for a … Karaoke bars are not just for giving you an opportunity to show your vocal talents, but a great way to have fun and make long-lasting memories with your friends being silly and playing around. TOP 10 SAFEST TRAVEL DESTINATIONS FOR SOLO FEMALE TRAVELERS – Travel Life Hacks & Tips, Best All-Inclusive in Cabo San Lucas | LeBlanc Spa Resort Los Cabo | Honeymoon Suite Room Tour, Important things I take when traveling internationally. You can sit in the college café or an empty classroom. 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Visiting your local museums and historical sites with your friends can be an enlightening experience. Make a little something for everyone to keep. This will aid you in all phases of life. Depending on your location, you can have a number of choices. Book cafes can be the best hangout places in Delhi for students. If you do not want to spend much and do not feel much comfortable outside then probably you and your friends could just stay at one of your friends’ house. A pub is a bang on place to hang out with friends in UB city. 1,000. You can hang out and play all sorts of games with large groups or small ones. Have ice creams, ride the rides, play games, and have an awesome exciting day with your friends. It is located at J.P. Nagar in Bangalore. Explore your local restaurants and hotels with friends. But we have made this choice a bit easier for you guys as we are suggesting some best places to hangout with friends in Delhi on a weekend . We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. There are a number of health benefits of massages and facials. Depending on your tastes and circle of friends, you can also visit an art museum or an art gallery. So we can say that it is one of the best places to hang out with friends. Here’s a list of the best places to hang out with friends: 10. Dance It out at a Silent Disco. You initially have to pay 3 bucks, but once inside most game are just a nickel. A bar/pub can be an amazing and funfilled hangout spot during the evening. Make little desserts for everyone, and spend a good wholesome day together with your friends. Bowling alleys usually are near a nice food court or bar or restaurant where you guys can have a snack if you want. Top 5 Best Places To Hangout With Friends In Delhi 1.PARANTHE WALI GALI Places To Hangout With Friends. 13 Ravirala, Hyderabad. Malls are great hangout places throughout the year, even during a hot summer day or if it’s raining cats and dogs. Make photographs, and preserve all the memories for the years to come. Most of the clubs have a variety of activities to do, such as spas, swimming, gyming or other sports. The atmosphere rocks, to watch games, or just sit and people watch while having a drink. Wonderla is popular amusement park to enjoy a full day with friends and family. Spending time in nature is never a bad idea. Let us know which places you like best! Have ice creams, ride the rides, play games, and have an awesome exciting day with your friends. It will help in giving back to society and at the same time, you can hang out with friends and have a great together. Legon Botanical Gardens is the best hangout location for the family. It is a win-win situation. Sports clubs are a great idea for getting plenty of exercises and physical activity that your body needs to maintain a healthy and fit shape. Take your palate through chilly sweet and sour journeys with your friends. This might not be the best option if the weather is against you. Click cool pictures with your friends and get them framed. Just remember that if you and your friends live with your parents, then this might not be the best idea.