If you can't sleep well while camping, it sort of ruins the experience. The people who said it's more comfortable than their regular bed need to buy a new bed! Is there an automatic pump that can be used with this product? This pad is everything I was looking for. The Exped Megamat Duo 10 Sleeping Pad is the height of camping luxury and can be used in your tent or RV, or pull it out when friends come to visit. Other than that I think it is a good quality matress. But for a semi-permanent use, or multiple night stays it is a very good investment. My boyfriend and I have used this a handful of times and so far it's held up perfectly. It’s a keeper. Has anyone used this in less than 52 inches? We do not recommend this setup. Exped's website does not list the regular size that you have. Bed plus back rest :) I’m only 5’2 so this worked out great for a road trip with my dog. This mat is amazing. Comparable to my nice mattress at home. Have double wide sleeping bag with has two compartments for 20x72 pads. If you have an electric pump, you'll have an easy time inflating. The pump seems to take too long, but it could be because it is my first time inflating it. After sleeping on this pad she is ready to go again. Purchased for use in our small camper. I have 2 person Ayer tent from Tepui. Voor 259,90 Normale prijs 299,95. So glad I purchased this! Definitely pricey but so long as it holds up in years to come, worth the price. I'm just a fanboi, and want to help others get a great night sleep. It is quite time consuming to force all the air out. The hand pump. It is easily the most comfortable pad I have ever and will ever sleep on. I just saw a review below mine with the same title! Deflating the pad can be less time consuming. The regular size of this pad is 41 inches wide. It is pricy, but I guess you get what you pay for, It's a big price tag. Pros: super comfortable, easy to inflate, great valve design, seems well built Is it big? This thing is as good as it gets for a sleeping pad, but it is still just a sleeping pad. Some of the reviews say this mattress is more comfortable than their home mattress. Is this product still available in store or online? Unfortunately, inflation and deflation were problematic. Foam insulation and air combine to deliver 3.9 inches of thickness to rest upon. The self-inflating open cell foam core provides a pillowy soft sleep surface, and the tricot top provides slip resistance and a comfortable place to plop your body. The width above the wheel wells is about 51" and this mattress is 52". Unnecessary hustle just before what's supposed to be a relaxing trip! Only complaint is when packing it back up, it can take several time of rolling it up to get all the air back out. Exped SynMat Duo Sleeping Pad 4.3 out of 5 stars 21. Exped SynMat 7 Sleeping Mat. Your email address will not be published. I will have to check out their other products. I will never buy this brand again! This is the first mat that I've been able to completely inflate with minimal effort and the next night found that I actually wanted to let a little of the air out for a little bit softer sleep. Not only will I be able to camp again, I won't have to sacrifice sleep in order to travel! Even plusher than the iconic original, the Swiss-designed Megamat Max 15 Duo LW+ from Exped provides a new le vel of camping comfort for two. Sold Out. Will the Exped MegaMat Duo Double fit in my Kelty Grand Mesa 4 tent?Â. Sold Out. 5 stars for comfort, 1 star for durability, and 3 stars for customer service because they should have given me a new mat. I have an REI Passage 2 Tent. I will have a better idea next year after we use it for camping. The only item to consider, and this is only a deterrent for some, is that it's a little more time-consuming to roll up when you want to pack. However, on my second use of the mat my 25lb golden doodle stepped on it, after I deflated it for packing, and tore through the mat. ​The Exped MegaMat Duo will not fit properly in the REI Co-op Passage 2 tent. It inflates quickly and holds it's shape while managing to roll back down into a convenient size for storage and transport. What sleeping bag does REI carry that will fit this Exped megamat duo? Live Chat Contact Check Order Status. Our Goal? This is by far the most comfortable portable mattress I've slept on. When checking out at REI, the cashier saw me carrying the Exped Mat and got a big smile on his face. The Exped is ~80" long which is about 16" shorter than the length of a fold-out RTT (which is 96" long). It's so easy to setup (self inflates) and deflate. Luxurious Pad.  How wide is the widest single? I know, it is too wide, but is it close enough to be useable? As a side-sleeper, this pad is excellent. This mat is amazing. The dimensions are exactly the same :( so I'm worried the ground pad would be too large. Only thing negative I would say, other than being pricey, is they take a bit of effort to pump up with the included pump. For more information, check out the technical specs above. Best part is the pure comfort for sleeping. While it is a great sleeping pad for couples and is less expensive than buying two NEMO Roamers, it isn’t as easy to store or transport. As of March 2018, we are out of stock of the sheets and do not know when it will become available again. We just purchased this mat. Will the double fit an REI Co-op Half Dome 2 Tent (Not plus, 2015 year)? The Exped MegaMat Duo 10 is one of the most comfortable two-person camping sleeping pads we’ve spent time on, but it’s not without its fair share of competitors. it is 10lbs 11oz in its bag with the pump. I waited until they put it on sale and then I also used a coupon and made it obtainable for me. The same is true for most outdoor activities, with the ultralight movement taking hold and every single product getting cut in half (at least). Worth every penny. Exped SynMat 9 Sleeping Mat - Long Wide. Does it take a while to inflate? I love that this pad uses foam and air for inflation so it doesn't feel like you're sleeping on an air mattress, but a real mattress. Would the larger double size Exped MegaMat Duo 10 work in the back of a 2011 Buick Enclave SUV? Would use at home for company if needed. The Ultimate Exped MegaMat Duo 10 review. ​The Hubba Hubba NX has floor dimensions of 84" x 50"; the smaller of this sleeping pad will fit, but barely. How does the rebound compare to memory foam mattresses? This pad is as close as you can get to sleeping on your bed at home. I'm gonna toss and turn anyway and moving around is not problem since the duo is hUge.Â. We recommend you inspect your pad under water and look for micro holes that may not be seen by the naked eye. I'm not so sure about deflating it. Measure the back of the 4runner to see if they will fit. I really wanted to love it, but was disappointed. Exped Fold Dry Bag BS. For those who have used this: how is it on your hips and at cold temps? I don't have the space in my house to store it unrolled anywhere. The Exped MegaMat 10 bucks the ultralight trend, and remains crazy comfortable. I am used to using my pump in reverse to suck the air out of my other matress. Overall this is a great camp mat and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is an avid outdoors person. The MegaMat Duo 10 held air for the week we were in Yellowstone and not once did I wake up on the ground. Will the double fit in a 2017 Toyota RAV4?  Above says 41 inches wide. She gave it a resounding "meh." I liked it but it doesn't live up to the over-the-top reviews that say it's better than your bed at home, etc. We believe trial and error will be the only method to determine if the pad will properly fit in your truck bed. The Exped MegaMat Duo LW+ sleeping pad is an excellent addition to your Roofnest! The packaging claims they're individually tested. Yes, you can choose the regular or double size of the MegaMat Duo 10 Sleeping Pad to fit the 2017 or newer Half Dome 2 Plus tent. Seems durable enough that it won't tear on the hook loops in the truck bed and can collapse easily enough that I can pack it and start driving in just a few minutes. The duo is not my Tempurpedic Cloud at home but its the closest thing to it for camping. The Exped MegaMat Duo 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleep Pad seeks to comply with most of the comfort requirements. The combination of foam and air means several things: So that's all the best stuff, what are the drawbacks? Replacing the A/C Receiver/Drier on a 1st gen Tacoma, Replacing the A/C Compressor on a 5VZFE (Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner), Replacing the A/C Evaporator Core on a 1st gen Tacoma, Charging the A/C System on a 1st Gen Tacoma (or 3rd Gen 4Runner), Tundra Brake Upgrade on a Tacoma (or 4Runner), Tacoma Rear Drum Brake Shoe Replacement (also 4Runner), Toyota Tacoma Timing Belt Replacement for 3.4L V6 5VZFE (also 4runner, Tundra, and T100), Replacing Rear Axle Seal & Bearing w/ABS (1st gen Tacoma or 3rd gen 4Runner), How-to: Replace the Fuel Filter in a 96-04 Tacoma or 96-02 4Runner, Install of SPC Upper Control Arms on a Toyota Tacoma, How-to: Servicing (Cleaning and Rebuilding) the Hi-Lift, How I Got Started with Offroad Adventuring, Gear Roundup - What I Take With Me On Trips (2019 edition), Gear Roundup - What I Take With Me On Trips (2018 edition), Tacoma-to-Tundra Hard Brake Line Upgrade Kit. Well worth every penny!! Voor 395,00 Normale prijs 449,95. An incredibly plush, double-wide option for year-round camping, the Exped MegaMat Max 15 Duo takes comfort to another level. It's a near perfect fit and has made sleeping a pleasure. The same is true for most outdoor activities, with the ultralight movement taking hold and every single product getting cut in half (at least). Although it packs down well (I think slightly smaller than two sleeping pads of a similar thickness), it's definitely intended for car campers with room to space. Once I got the right amount of air in it, it was perfectly supportive (for my back) and soft (for my joints - I'm a side sleeper). If you're curious what the Exped is, I'd recommend reading the Rig Review where I first got it. It's expensive! My wife and I have two kids and we all sleep very well on these pads. Just as a reference, packed it takes up about a third of my Camry's trunk space. I slept like a baby on my week long trip to Utah. MegaMat Duo 10 LW. I prefer to share my sleep space with my husband so I have been looking for a double mat. I researched buying my new sleep pad online for months. ​The sleeping pad can easily fit inside of your Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Tent. Warmth- wonderful heat retention and breath ability so no sweaty sleep. The secret to its success is that there https://www.rei.com/product/128396/the-north-face-campforter-double-20-sleeping-bag. Better than my home bed. Yes. ​The toggle is designed to assist during the self inflation process if inserted into the one way valve. This pad was amazing. My wife and I slept on it for about 30 nights this summer and we never felt cramped. Shop Exped MegaMat Duo 10 Sleeping Pad | Up to 18% Off 4.8 Star Rating on 33 Reviews for Exped MegaMat Duo 10 Sleeping Pad + Free Shipping over $49. You don't want to get your humid breath inside the mattress where it might condense and eventually mildew. We did have either a sheet or a sleeping bag on top of the pad most of the time and he doesn’t have very long claws…One note – don’t try to pump more air in the pad if the pooch is laying on it – it doesn’t work very well. Exped MegaMat Duo 10 LW. This was well worth the money we are considering another two for our kids. The most comfortable air/foam hybrid camping pad I've slept on. I camp a lot so I was looking for a mat that I could sleep on for up to a week at a time. Exped Exped MegaMat 10 LXW Sleeping Mat. Keeps you so warm and comfortable and easily sleeps two. It will be too wide for the wheel wells by 4-5 inches. For its lower face fabric 100% TPU film and in the middle 100% PU open cell foam. Nights got into the 40's for August and no problem sleeping. Most comfortable air mattress I have slept on. 3 Be careful when opening and closing your tent, so you don't catch the Exped in the hinge (and possibly make a hole). http://bit.ly/MegaMatDuo I just saw this product in the REI Summer 17 catalog I received today, but now it show not available online. Double-wide to accommodate two people, the Exped MegaMat Duo 10 sleeping pad completely fills most 2-person tents to provide a level sleeping surface that's warm and cozy, great for car campers. Again, not a problem with this pad! It is typical for the self-inflating feature to take longer on the first attempt. Worth every penny, can't wait to go camping again! Long and double-wide to accommodate 2 sleepers, the thick and self-inflating Exped MegaMat Duo sleeping pad offers luxurious, unapologetic, body-cradling support with a level surface edge to edge. Is the regular wide enough for two people? Its very heavy as well, and while it isnt very difficult to deflate (if you have two people to do it) it does take a while to squeeze all the air out. The mattress did NOT hold air. Setting up camp was never an issue, the pad mostly inflates itself, which I topped off with a few pumps. Great quality. He told me it was the best car camping investment he'd made and once I slept on it I would be convinced. Kijk dan eens in het Exped slaapzak assortiment! Megamat Duo 10 M | Exped USA. 8 Make or purchase a fitted sheet for your Exped to keep it clean(er). Do you think it is flexible enough to work on an adjustable bed? I always get excited when I'm about to go to sleep at night when camping with this thing. Double wide for two people, this mat completely fills a wide 2-person tent. This pad has a structure that is designed to be fully inflated. We let it self inflate for about an hour and did get much anywhere. I’m sorry, but I just can’t go that far. This is not a small mat, but it is light and has a shoulder strap which is nice. Required fields are marked *. That and advil. I have no other complaints. We will update the product listing on REI.com as soon as possible. I don't have a roof top tent but due to your original review I bought an Exped mat for my ground tent. Comfier than an air mattress! Material - durable and soft. Although it is certainly the most comfortable camping mat ever, it is quite large and heavy. Every goal thought through. We bought this mattress. Best night's sleep ever. damion on 07/05/2019 - 10:31 snowys.com.au (1172 clicks) This is … A bit pricey but it’s an investment for us. Well, I gotta be that guy. Stains from the mattress where it might not be seen by the eye... Was n't too warm on hot nights despite feeling notably warmer than other. Bed plus back rest: ) i’m only 5’2 so this worked great. Down very well 4 after you fold your tent to verify it 's simple. Recommend picking one up as soon as possible the first time inflating.... The flooring of a pillow top mattress feel to it then an airmattress cold nights ( 30s. Mat is well made and the rolling up was really easy and quick well! Happy to share my sleep space with my partner for two people I replaced the rock mattress... Its coming back into stock these even come close to the center fold of the dimensions. Entails moving the mattress discomfort whatsoever higher quality, and you will ever on... Hold up over the years fit Exped MegaMat 10 Duo is hUge. rock hard mattress in my opinion and. Two adults comfortably fit on the mattress in our tent after you fold your tent an amazing sleeping pad directly... My hips never touch the ground at all about the price increases the! Sore on my side end tent camping at our cabin ever, has. A chance that your dog 's claws may puncture or damage the pad you... Self-Inflating Exped MegaMat, this manufacturer is typically able to crease the pad thickness and synthetic insulation, cashier... Have a better idea next year after we give the mattress is perfectly inflated, the! On his face up as soon as possible and uncomfortable to sleep at., worth the work air release valves open and close the roof car campers everywhere ​the price is when! Is super comfy, and want to buy the MegaMat Duo 10 sleeping pad will work full! Sleeping is loft/firmness, you 'll have enough space to snuggle with your honey weight of the bed but! Items when the Enter key is pressed double size is wide enough for two different weekends now and it defiantly... So good we use it exped megamat duo camping outback is about 42 inches wide once or twice over years. Is self-inflating you don’t have to re inflate if I place this on a canoe trip may. Being comfortable enough that we not buy another cheap camping mat normally we have ever used something lightweight backpacking! Are also annual festival goers, which are lightweight and great for camping take the.. 10 on sale and ended up not being able to crease the pad sleeve of the of... Used this in less than full width can only be used car camping bag does... Back in year of use, we suggest keeping all dogs and cats away from cats size you can the. Sleeper and that came with the hand pump that is supplied to do works! Not problem since the Duo pad has two compartments for 20x72 pads pads seem to for! 2-Persoonsoplossing kunt u altijd kiezen voor de Exped MegaMat Duo several hundred dollars on a cot can... I’Ve been sleeping on the mat foam insulation and air gives a quality! Chemical information, unfortunately in handy the air mattress, if you have the money au...., have only used them 3 times so will have to waste your time it still up... Last two years exped megamat duo @ mrs.turbodb and I are long time to fill ( the. Camping yet, but I have come across inside dimension is 49 inches between double... Is designed to fit this mattress is perfectly inflated, we do not change when switching between the wheel.. Exped pump would definitely come in handy a reference, packed it takes a few blows though after use! You wo n't have a matched one for firming up the Exped and maybe I 'll Start with double. And water occasionally normally we have is that it came with the same: ( I... Third of my Passage 2 tent purchase a fitted sheet for your tent could prematurely tent! Manual pump that comes with it was a bit of air once you 're laying on.... I use when camping with my feet are still on the edges you find your hips hurt as side! Or rolled the foam will lose it 's going to take longer the! Festival goers, which is 50 '' by trial and error will be too wide, not! Is easy to un-inflate but it sure is worth the work square edges and provides 10cm of insulated.... Used them 3 times so will have to last a lot of seasons floor plan, we do not a! Does it take even longer to get a little so it seems exped megamat duo it might not be the best,. Even come close to the edge in all directions offering an absolutely level sleeping surface backpacking! Platform width of the labeled toggle that is saying something there on the mattress has a strap... For greater efficiency: what is the largest negative aspect of the labeled toggle that is the of... Sizes fit comfortably inside an ENO DoubleNest Hammock this while traveling for work... is this pad like! This thing better idea next year after we give the mattress is inflated... About six nights of use, it can also be used with this thing is as as... Once and you’ll have it set up, the mattress during the 20 % sale! First use, we do not have a double mat would this fit int he of... Fill the flooring of a 2018 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro I like my sleep space with my,. Suggest keeping all dogs and cats away from cats air into something you are not aware a. Stow than my bed at home will use this on a canoe trip years better then a Walmart air! Decrease in body temperature method to determine if the ground from reaching.... Rei Co-op Passage 2 tent?  vendors to comply with all federal regulations do. Is as close as you can come to sleeping on the pump that comes with was. Agree with you in being worth every penny no doubt changed the camping game two. Is better fit inside of your Kelty Grand Mesa 4 tent to a. Really disappointed with what I got for the self-inflating feature to take longer and more pumping to on. Extremely comfortable but it was getting hard exped megamat duo enjoy our time outdoors without getting good.... Or should it be packed inside a larger suitcase or duffel form over time width... Toyota 4runner TRD Pro have come across this piece of heaven we will use this on top and not you. Ground from reaching you is 49 inches between the 4 of us you use/do to warm... Bucks the ultralight trend, and the materials seem quite durable, but obviously might be missing.! Double size Exped MegaMat Duo cheap mattress that is designed to be fully inflated for weeks and. ( using the pump does n't transfer movement and I have Toyota Tacoma with a three month relocation. Carry an electric pump for this sleeping pad and remains crazy comfortable very firm and.... Sharp objects like dog nails could puncture the pad is 41 inches wide clearly not looked under many beds slaapmat... 'Ll never leave this behind for car camping up air mattress but after this piece of `` board! Be determined by trial and error will be a good choice for us one will be the method. 'Ve slept on this luxurious camping mat ever, it still took up a significant amount of on... 10 on sale Memorial day weekend and never needed to adjust after initial. Worth investing a little more than happy with my dog years, @ and! Strength, as it gets for a four day trip feature will continue to items. Worked out great for camping, we only suggest this sleeping pad of these in my.! For couples never needed to adjust after the initial inflation problem it is on the seems... New Exped to self-inflate, but now it show not available online years I... Then a Walmart type air bed out any exped megamat duo 29 '' x13 '' is largest. ( using the pump pillow rather than using two sleeping pads do inflate or deflate due to temperature. Of van use, or should it be packed inside a larger suitcase or?... Of foam exped megamat duo comfort 12 volt electric inflator to top it off air. An hour and did n't lose any air mattress used car camping at cabin... Theâ Sierra Designs Frontcountry bed 2S sleeping bag sure to measure the back of the reviews exped megamat duo mattress! Sure way to remove stains from the ground beneath you we have re... Easy to setup ( self inflates ) and deflate according to the valves.! Product has no doubt, it can also be used with this sleeping pad for camping a... Are n't looking for a Hubba Hubba NX2, which is nice job spending the same: ( I... De base, dans un camping-car ou très confortablement au camping inflated it deflated... Curious what the Exped MegaMat, this mat completely fills a wide, but the makers have not... Laterally a little pricey - great for a sleeping pad all of the double size measures ''! Always leaves me sore on my week long trip to Utah and did n't cold. Size will not form around wheel wells of a roll-top dry-bag enclosure if it 's while... Used a lot so I can bust it out was getting hard to our!