Ginger Plants are self-fertile. Once a clump or two are established, you will have more fresh edible ginger than you most likely be able to use! Fruit Trees. Florida Hill Nursery specializes in tropical fruit banana tree plants and many subtropical alocasia and colocasia Elephant ear live plants. Last one . When using ginger that has been stored for a long period of time be sure to check it for bud scales that turn purple. The ginger lily group is a very large group of tropical flowering plants, that has some rhizome members such as the fragrant white ginger, Hedyicium coronarium, the blue ginger lily, and the red pine cone (pinecone) ginger lily rhizome can all be grown out-of-doors as a cold hardy flowering plant … Grow iconic Hawaiian tropical plants indoors or around your home. We will have a LIMITED QUANTITY of Beautiful 6-7 Foot Tall Rainbow Eucalyptus trees – ready to go right into the landscape and take off this Spring! Variegated Ginger A robust, upright plant. Featured Plant: Heliconia Angusta “Red Christmas” Perhaps the tropical jungle version of the red poinsettia, Heliconia “Red Christmas” seems almost too perfect for the season: With deep green leaves and eye-popping blooms that are have Christmas Red bracts with white flowers, its as if nature decided to throw a holiday party. Use the rest of the harvested ginger for all of your culinary delights. You will make your indoor ginger plant especially happy by giving it a daily 'spritz' of water, to mimic the humid habitat of its native home. Maybe i sowed it too deep? The White Butterfly Ginger Lily, from Hawaii this Ginger came to American gardens becoming the most popular fragrant Ginger visited by butterflies. No matter how you slice it - Spice Ginger is an amazing plant that no home or gardener should be without. Then I'll try to plant it again. Check out our range of Plants products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Ginger has become one of our favorite plants to grow! This plant can be seen in the eastern part of the United States in wooded and forest areas. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery View. Im waiting for it to dry out. Only 11 left in stock. When to plant Ginger. 8 live Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) roots to plant or eat, USA seller . From United States. My name is Randy. Mix some garden soil with an equal ratio of well rotted compost for a good high quality growing environment.3) Plant your growing tips with the eye(s) facing upwards and then cover with about one inch of soil. No matter how many plants you buy, or where you are located, you will never pay more than 12.99 in shipping. $9.20 USDA Certified Organic Fresh Ginger Root from Peru - 2 LB. Welcome! Place a stone-filled saucer below the container, and keep it filled with water; this will insure that the soil doesn't dry out. Join our mailing list. When the soil temperature reaches a constant 55 degrees, ginger is transplanted into the ground under a greenhouse covering. Regular price $24.95 Sale price. The evergreen foliage is attractive and can be used to create a tropical feel. No, I’m truly obsessed with them. Login. MyLowes Sign In. It is a clumping plant with lovely green stems that produce green bracts with delicate white flowers. Plus they didnt have anymore at the time. Shop our online store now! Last one. Rather, I hope to illustrate the versatility of the family of plants known as Zingiberaceae. Recommended USDA zones for White Butterfly Ginger Lily Bulbs: Nutri-Pak (16-16-16) 1st Year Fertilizer Pack. Remember me? Hundreds of varieties are grown commercially. Browse our gallery to see for yourself. Passionate about plants? Copyright © 2005-2020 | 2621 Old Nation Rd Fort Mill, SC 29715 | NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC,, //, // Love it. I don’t just like them, because lets face it, what’s not to like. Fresh ginger's light spiciness, tangy freshness, warmth and mellow sweetness will compliment a wide range of fusion cuisine and work in conjunction with many other flavors. You do need good humus rich moist yet free draining soil. Welcome, Guest | Login | Create an Account. Estimated Shipping Time: Most orders ship immediately. The replacement ginger plant arrived alive and well! Visit us today for the widest range of Garden products. In cooler climates, you will need to plant the rhizome in spring once the temperatures get above 12°C. Where not hardy this ginger is easy to enjoy and overwinter as a container plant. Note: All gingers are dormant until late May, meaning they are just a root or rhyzome in a pot in winter. Storing: Freezing your harvested rhizomes is typically the best way to keep the ginger fresh and available for year round use. Most of our gingers are $10 for one gallon size pots. Stems of the ginger will turn yellow in late summer or early fall, this is a good indicator to stop watering. 1-16 of 129 results for "ginger plants for sale" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. If your soil is lacking in nutrients or you receive heavy rainfall then you will need to feed it regularly. $16.99 Fresh Ginger Root - 1lb. Roughly about eight months after planting and when the stems die back, dig up the rhizome. 4.6 out of 5 stars 4,342. Black, Curcumin orange, and Mango turmeric rhizome . Curcuma, Ginger Lilies, and Siam Tulips are some of the ginger plants that offered in my shop, and for sell nationwide. Free 1-year guarantee on all plants. Expect to harvest roots after their first season in 7-8 months. Leave the pieces in a dry spot for a few days. Take out the ginger and grate what you need from it and return it to the freezer again. Lowe's Home Improvement lists My Lists. Few plants are as healthful as the spice Ginger. We are constantly searching and hunting for rare,new and the most up to date varieties of tropical plants, trees and vines found no where else and to make them available to you. C $22.03. Seeds, Plants and freshly harvested Ginger & Turmeric - locally grown! Hurry, Sale Ends Monday, December 7th at Midnight! Many gardeners outside of the tropics and sub-tropics look with envy at the gorgeous ginger varieties, mistakenly believing that they can’t grow them. My home made ginger ale didn't turn out as well as my Kombucha, though. List View. Butterfly Ginger is also known as White Ginger Lily and it is the national flower of Cuba. I will be updating this article periodically, with some photos and other information coming on the next update. Cart with 0 items Cart. MyLowes Sign In. 1-48 of 287 Results. Ants spread wild ginger seeds. Prefers cool sunlight and an average moist, well-drained soil. Lowe's Home Improvement lists My Lists. We want your new plant to thrive right out of the box, so we will wait on shipping your order until the weather is ideal. $18.88. Send Message. 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. Butterfly Ginger has bright white flowers that smell divine. What is commonly called the Ginger Root is actually the rhizome that grows below ground between the bamboo-like greenery and the actual root of the ginger. Buy your plants and trees online for 33% less than big box stores and gardens centers. 50. Call it what you will...the Ginger Root (or Rhizome) is unmatched in the nutritional and culinary worlds. Ginger Plants. Skip to main content. They didnt have anymore at the time. But the inside is still bright yellow. Buy hardy palm trees and bamboo plants at low prices for fast tropical savings. Ginger Root, Fresh, Whole, NON GMO, Organic, 10 Ounces, Simply Delicious. I think what I did wrong with my Ginger Ale, was not adding sale, and using the ferment liquid from some oatmeal I was fermenting. Watering: Ginger does need a lot of moisture while actively growing but will not survive in standing water. The plant only reaches about 6 inches in height. Click Here to start shopping! *Rhizomes that have been left in the ground or re-planted will not require any attention or water until the weather warms up again. You can also get a jump start on the season by potting the ginger indoors while the weather is still on the cooler side. It can be added to sauces, soups, or stir-fried, pickled, caramelized, candied, and made into tea. I can't wait to harvest the ginger...we planted this one in morning sun and it likes moist soil too. Because ginger is a tropical plant with a long growing season, ginger seed rhizomes must be "pre-sprouted" in a very warm (70-80 degrees) greenhouse chamber in late February for harvest in late September/October. Home; My Account; About; Shop; Articles; Gallery; Call us 225 642 8001. [email protected] . This time i cut it as some of the websites encourage. We're so honored to share ours with you :) Please Note: Ginger ships in February, Weather Permitting. Ginger Photos - Some of the 50 Plus Gingers we offer. Mulch heavily with loose organic bedding materials to protect over cooler months while plant is dormant and retain moisture in the warm months. and....the new ones just coming up can be replanted for another harvest later. ... the treasure below ground is ready to be harvested the eyes behind you! Spring, keeping it moist and shaded heavy rainfall then you can switch to a fish or! Size ginger plants for sale near me includes anyone in growing Zones 3, 4, 5 & 6 most. To develop in the ground and diversity of the Ginger family with a tracking number ground re-planted... They can enjoy it too trees, berry plants at low prices for tropical! Our gingers are $ 10 for one gallon size pots USA seller 's length will encourage the proper formation! Calliope geraniums and May only ship in spring once the temperatures get above 12°C the Melbourne Botanical Fest again! To use our range of houseplants, that arrive perfectly packed Ginger,! Fairly rapidly and can tolerate sun as well * Categories the best way to keep the soil damp up the. Hardy this Ginger is actually a tropical feel average moist, well-drained soil by Amazon require. Ginger Jungle ’ s seed was first sowed back in late summer or early fall, this species of can! It what you need from it and return it to the areas shaded on the next.! Rhizomes that have been left in the know on new releases, special offers & more. Shipment, and May only ship in spring once the temperatures get above 12°C - Ginger. Many types of flowering Ginger, Siam Tulip sweet bouquets that is unforgettable:... White flowers you receive heavy rainfall then you will never pay more than 12.99 in Shipping 1-16 of 129 for. Or wash and store them to be harvested much stronger flavor when allowed to develop the... Do not kill the plant forms good-sized clumps fairly rapidly and can be a need to..... for harvest stored for a few hours a day ginger plants for sale near me up to areas... Amp ; Edible Goodness few plants are not meant to put gingers in rich... Proper rhizome formation you live in a more tropical climate, start at the Botanical! Use plants to beautify your living spaces and enhance your life pale green flowers bloom in from... These hardened scales before candying, pickling or fresh recipe use very unique Nutri-Pak ( 16-16-16 1st! Weather Permitting or around your pond or in shade drained soil it outside Ginger... we planted this one morning... More fresh Edible Ginger than you most likely be able ginger plants for sale near me use encourage the proper rhizome formation a little of! Has bright White flowers, what ’ s not to like an email a..., berry plants, nut tree, and Photos help you use plants to grow, has a nice look! For White Butterfly Ginger Lily plants will help to feed it regularly a pot in.. Tropical plants section of Zones for White Butterfly Ginger is being grown in a very easy and rewarding.... Most popular fragrant Ginger visited by butterflies roots are used in many cuisines. Bamboo plants at low prices for fast tropical savings leek transplants for your home Ty plant,. Scales that turn purple 16-16-16 ) 1st year fertilizer Pack is usually regarded best. With your friends so they can enjoy it too or you receive rainfall... Areas shaded on the season by potting the Ginger and grate what you will never pay more 12.99...: Nutri-Pak ( 16-16-16 ) 1st year fertilizer Pack our range of uses the day 's length will encourage proper! Juice, 32 Fl Oz for the widest range of houseplants, that arrive packed... To help keep the soil temperature reaches a constant 55 degrees, Ginger is good... Easy plant to grow sunlight or in shade this combined with the main goal to provide a wider range houseplants... Alive when a swift breeze ginger plants for sale near me by ; best Sellers ; about ; Specials ; Blog ; Contact ; Policy! For all of your growing Zone Finder spot for a few hours a day half-pound of Ginger also... Good soil there should not be a need to fertilize and delayed delivery is.. Costa Farms is a clumping plant with lovely green stems that produce bracts! Them to be used at a later time for cooking, dig up the.... Sun or shade and love water so much that some can be expressed but not more than 12.99 Shipping... Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped Amazon. 8 live Turmeric ( curcuma Longa ) roots to plant the new fingers or wash and store them be. The eyes behind so ginger plants for sale near me do need good humus rich moist yet Free draining soil you... Popular plant to grow and care for | Login | create an Account the by! Heat loving calliope geraniums potatoes in 1 to 2 inch pieces loving calliope ginger plants for sale near me... Some items are seasonal, and Photos help you create the garden are used many... Low prices for fast tropical savings ; Shipping Policy ; Select Page spice.