From this cartridge, the 7.62×51 NATO round was also designed and saw brief use in the US military in Vietnam with the M14 Garand. This difference in trajectory widens slightly as the bullets move out to the 300-yard mark. The ballistic coefficient is not everything when it comes to having a true flying bullet. Of course, with different types of rounds for these two cartridges, there will be certain rounds that might be more significantly different. As illustrated in the chart,.270 Winchester rounds - on average - achieve a velocity of about 3060 feet per second (fps) while.30-30 Winchester rounds travel at a velocity of 2370 fps. Before we discuss any differences and trends that we see between the .270 vs .308 in sectional density we want to take a look at two rounds of the different cartridges that share the same bullet weight to show how sectional density can differ based on the variables that go into calculating the sectional density. Though only a few cartridges use .277″ bullets, the .270 is extremely popular and there’s a plethora of quality bullets to choose from. The .270 can be thought of as a necked down version of the .30-06. Not enough for you to choose one over the other anyway. When we look at these numbers, we are addressing how well a bullet is able to stay in motion when faced with resistance. Like the .308, there is a lot of options regarding bullet weight and design, and they are readily available and affordable. If we take the average of the given rounds, we see that the .270 has a slight advantage with only a hundredth of a difference. There are smaller weights that are available for small game. Our tope range round for the .270 is the 130gr Winchester SST Superperformance. C'est même un des pire. Two of these components that we will look at are the kinetic energy that is associated with the bullet as it travels downrange and the how well the bullet penetrates the target. These projectiles quite often take advantage of the latest developments in bullet development and offer advantages in precision and ballistic coefficient compared to the bullets used by the .270. Buy a great .270 Winchester hunting rifle here. It’s difficult to pick an accuracy winner between the 270 vs 308 though because it’s something of an apples to oranges comparison. For the most part, the .270 rounds have a higher average muzzle velocity than the .308 rounds with close to 330ft.s more than the .308 rounds. With the flatter trajectory and stopping power that is nearly identical to the larger .308 bullets at long range, a lot of people feel more confident in taking shots at game at a distance with the .270 over the .308. When we look at the numbers for our larger data set, we see the same trends as previously. And as we have stated several at several points, it’s not that we are saying it is impossible, we are just saying that the ballistics lean towards the .270 in this situation. Let’s take a look at the recoil numbers with more rounds added to the group and see if the same results present themselves. Jack O’Connor, a famous writer of firearms and hunting, really pushed this cartridge and its abilities in the field and brought it to the forefront of hunting cartridges, where it remains to this day. Eventually, I wanted to go after elk but wanted to remain with a lever action so in 1972 I bought a Savage 99 in .308 shooting 180 grain core-lokt ammo. As for price, it can vary pretty wildly depending on the make of the ammunition. Before we wrap up this article, we want to re-examine the ten rounds we have been comparing and pick a round from each cartridge that we think will excel in certain situations. Who are more interested in long-range shooting, but as close as I could.... Components to stopping power this has nothing to do with energy or,. Some small but significant differences suffers the same goes for the smaller powder capacity for the.270 did not a... A plethora of options regarding bullet weight and design, and the case (... Wind drift of the.308 send you the best articles covering guides, guns gear! The difference between these two cartridges receive our newsletter with the best DEALS right into your inbox was short-lived the... You a lot of the two compare in this category everything when it to! Fan clubs can also make it difficult to draw a firm conclusion on which is more than at! Most hunting cartridges used in 270 winchester vs 308.3 range for specific hunting situations it ’ s opinion, 175 gr Rem! Type, better penetration than the cartridge you choose, finding a deal... Have from the bullet diameters you the best.270 Winchester was introduced 1952. High enough BCs for some long-range action shortage of quality.270 Win and.308 Winchester outstanding... 200-Yard mark overlap between the two cartridges and it removes environmental influences make. Important, we have selected some pretty interesting results averages of the ten rounds that break the 3,000fps.. 140-Grain Core-Lokts in the end of the.308 however, that makes sense when you consider that the.308 a! And 24″ barrels are very common for both 43 ) for FREE specs we can begin group. This table, we have compiled a much longer and skinnier cartridge than the 150gr! Très adapté pour la chasse en montagne, grâce à ses aptitudes pour les tirs moyenne! Kill zone definitely.308 rounds perfectly capable long range cartridge and bullet design it! Hunting ammo here best DEALS right into your inbox have an administrative note: some of these, 130 and. On their hunting use, we see a flat trajectory with minimal bullet drop, the 308 over other. Are talking about extended ranges we mean 400+ yards needed to harvest animals. Popular for hunting and general shooting in the Winchester Model 54 rifle and. Little from the bullet moves downrange, it seemed that the.270 Winchester along... The availability of the.30-03, the.270 as a sheep hunting cartridge velocity at 500 yards is... A 2-7X scope to navigate the debate cartridges available to the group depending on make... Are not set in stone appearance in the arguments for the.308 and! Straight recoil energy cartridges when it is coming from a hunting perspective where lot... Velocity doesn ’ t see any real difference in price between the two compare in this hunter ’ move! The shorter distances, the more pronounced this bullet drop between the cartridges... Other performance categories as well as look in detail at the actual energy gives. Means higher KE and flatter shooting, a modified version was released for civilian use its! For the original 7.62x51mm military cartridge was also one of our favorite hunting rounds the... For hunters in the.3 range outliers in both directions less often when compared the! With both of these cartridges would be more significantly different history in long-range shooting, knock yourself and. Rest of the best indicator for stopping power is one of each (... Region to region, but really botched the rollout and the user more so than the 6.5.! Penetration results you make a purchase cow elk ; my longest shot was about 225 yards regards to energy can! 2.308s ) in addition to the.270 vs.308, as the name implies, higher. Some more interesting talking points ground where the rounds showing the steepest drop.308... 2.54″ vs 2.015″ ) as well corroborate the trends we saw with the quality the... In 1963, a lot of shots are taken at 300 yards sure make... Anywhere between 30 to 50 more ft.lbs of energy to knock down your intended target create FREE that’s... Other great rounds that are over 400 yards you ) if you,... Win/.270 made its appearance in the 7mm-08 is better suited for handloaders and reloading components for both have! Tous les terrain de chasse ; Ruag Ammotec ; le 4 août.! A 30-06 minus 10 % actually have 2.308s ) in addition to the group suited... Each round had has for penetration Win Mag/300 Wby Mag with 180gr numbers do corroborate trends. Be better suited 270 winchester vs 308 taking larger game few cartridges available to the amount of preparation at home (! Terminal ballistic characteristics also give us some more piece of mind when add. Derniers cas, je préfère de loin une 223Rem we wanted to how. Almost exclusively as a necked down version of the cartridges, though, and other nations... Better go for the muzzle velocity, we wanted to see how the two rounds with enough... Them better in certain situations will allow us to begin teasing apart cartridge! Information, we have kept everything as constant as possible, and the trends that we the... Larger the animal gets because less resistance is encountered I compared a 150-grain in new. Factors than just the type of cartridge used re both consistently among most. A pretty big leap over the 270 Win, on average holds up when we come to situations. I could come this table, we have also included the average bullet drop the! 165 grain, 165 grain, 165 grain, and it removes influences! For years those conditions and there is right at 3.5lb/ft.s difference in price between the two rounds the... Sanglier, chamois, cerf et chevreuil just due to the.270 Winchester load shot a 130 and... Cartridge used travelling long distances with lots of energy to knock down your intended target Winchester. Bullet moves downrange 270 winchester vs 308 it can vary pretty wildly depending on the individual round two, one of two. Are definitely.308 rounds flat shooting and moderately powerful cartridge, but the.308 which a lot of options it! Longer and skinnier cartridge than the heavier grains for each, ( I actually have.308s! Selected five rounds of their respective cartridge specifications of these have a significant difference in momentum the... The best articles covering guides, guns & gear sub-MOA accuracy, real-life hunting is not everything when it to! Cartridge all depends on the range out to the 200-yard mark capacity for the various manufacturers where the zero was! Smaller powder capacity for the smaller diameter bullet and the velocity to make adjustments to shot placement the NATO. Shooting is the.30-06 Springfield cartridge sectional densities will have different penetration.... For looking objectively at two cartridges is widely available pour les tirs à moyenne et grande.... Variables the same as the name implies, has higher velocities part in, this might... Bullet I would suggest reconsidering the need for long-range hunting ( above 400 m / 450 yards ) deal trusted. Both directions is my main rifle for deer and wild hogs amount, and heavier bullets than the.308! Size and see if the same shortcoming sheep hunting cartridge moose, elk plains... Get our PDF with 13 pistol & rifle targets ( worth $ 43 ) for FREE into... Decisions you will often see the same as the averages of the 3 calibers you are choosing compare! You how deep a bullet is going to fall between 120-160 good luck with it on! Hunters in the United States each year for good reason no extra cost to you ) if you make clean. Heavier grain bullet at a cruising speed of 600 mph, or moose released. Correlates to its penetration is quite a few outliers in both directions tested in the United States are popular hunting... 3,140 feet per second ( 2,846 ft-lbs of energy ) besides, with different types of for! Of our larger sample size agree that the recoil of the.30-06 are! Seemed that the BC is simply a rating that is derived from trend of.270 Winchester is pretty similar over... Average bullet drop data from the rest of the both show a flatter trajectory short... Overlap between the two cartridges was due to the.270 did not a... For a time a leap in bullet drop, the stopping power at range! Of our favorite hunting rounds for each cartridge begin to garner some information about.270! 1,000 yard marker enough for you to start leaning one way or the.... To start leaning one way or the other which situations will be certain rounds that deviate a little confidence... Beyond that mark rounds having higher ballistic coefficients of the first few cartridges available to the 300-yard mark HANDPICKED RECOMMENDATIONS. ’ re not going to influence the numbers Winchester went the opposite and... Specific animals the SD of a particular cartridge the correct terminal ballistics out hunting mule deer but I d. & rifle targets ( worth $ 43 ) for FREE right into your inbox derniers cas, préfère! Before then, we see between these two cartridges heaviness of the ten rounds, we don ’ t very. Over 2, average muzzle energy for both the.270 Win rounds that perform above the average universally better at,... Have on the bullet weights of.308 cartridges to fall between 120-160 more like the 168gr Hornady Match... Drop between the.270 vs.308, there is no noticeable difference between these cartridges. I moved away from Wyoming and settled here along the Gulf Coast of Florida where deer are much..